Moulis, a vineyard of mediaeval originVIGNES M A Pijassou

In the Middle Ages, as early as the 14th century, the ecclesiastic and nobiliary vineyards of the parish of Molinis (mills), the seat of the Haut-Médoc archpriesthood, were already recorded in ecclesiastic terriers and holding contracts. Although Moulis vineyards date back to mediaeval times, initially grouped around the church and the Poujeaux domain, they developed significantly from the 18th century only, despite the fact that in the previous century, winegrowing expansion had started from the outskirts of Bordeaux and stretched out as far as Margaux. While vineyards were being planted everywhere along the Garonne river, Moulis remained a “grain parish”, as it had been in mediaeval times. There were vineyards in the parish, but they were dotted among various large estates, focused on multiple cropping and animal husbandry.