The living terroir

The life of a terroir is based on balance between the culture of tradition and the requirements of modernity. At Château Biston-Brillette, human balance combines with that of the terroir, because it is provided by two brothers united by the same passion. These virtues would be lost if they were not shared directly with wine-lovers, at the estate, without the barrier of distribution. Fortunately, Biston-Brillette wine lovers want to be involved, to share the work of the winemaker, convey their impressions, tastes and choices, and express their likes. Direct sales require significant personal investment, but offer the satisfaction of conviviality. These fruitful exchanges offer interactive contacts that encourage the winemaker to surpass himself to craft a product of pleasure, an Epicurean dream.

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The shared pleasure of Wine

Wine is part of the old world, but is also ideally suited to our modern lifestyle. Wine enhances shared sensations, ideas and pleasures. Each taster has his own impressions, but everyone agrees when a wine is appealing and rich in character. When a winemaker welcomes a wine-lover, whether the visitor is a discerning connoisseur or not, he is happy to share the secrets of his trade and his love of wine. Life in the country is free and quiet, but it beats to the pace of the seasons and the workload each new season brings. The winemaker is always an independent spirit, in a dialogue with nature from one vintage to the next. Although direct contact with private customers involves significant personal investment, Serge and Jean-Paul Barbarin have followed in the footsteps of their father, Michel, who decided in 1972 to sell his wine himself and open his château to all visitors. Since then, Château Biston-Brillette has always been a convivial location giving pride of place to great wine, where wine-lovers feel welcome in a spirit of total simplicity and authenticity.